Relaunch: A Meme Renaissance

It has been almost a year since I launched The Science of Memes. I’ll admit that when I had started, I had great hopes for this blog. Sadly, however, due to academic and other pressure, I was unable to continue posting, and the site sort of went into oblivion. However, recently, some of my friends urged me to get back to this blog, because apparently, I was doing a good job. So after much internal debate, I have decided to relaunch The Science of Memes.

I have several plans for this page now. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure of what kind of content to post, but I have decided on the following headings:

  • Meme of the Month: Due to the constantly evolving nature of memes, one meme hardly stays in vogue for long, and this column will let you know what’s been the hottest this month.
  • Meme Pioneers: I will review a famous meme page from Facebook, commenting on the nature of their content, recount the story of their rise to success, and analyze why their content appeals to such a wide audience.
  • Raiders of the Lost Meme: Memes that were once famous, but are now all but forgotten, will dug up the grave and fondly remembered.

Of course, as usual, I will try to provide a detailed analysis of said memes; a detailed understanding of why a meme worked will help you create your own.

Of course, over time, I will gradually add more and more columns. I do wish to concentrate on quantity, but I do not wish to sacrifice quality as well. It’s true that often I get knee-deep into my course work, but I will try to make sure that the blog doesn’t suffer because of that.


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